What Marketing Research Methods Were Used By Jcpenney In This Case Study, And Why?

What Marketing Research Methods Were Used By Jcpenney In This Case Study, And Why?

In the advertising for Penney’s new pricing strategy, “Fair and Square Pricing,” they heavily promoted the concept, but when they implemented it, it involved color categories, flow charts, and more. Making price adjustments is easy if you make them easy to understand. Customers will follow you if you do so.

What Is Jcpenney Competitive Advantage?

According to a statement, Penney offers a competitive advantage due to its experience in the retail sourcing industry. In addition to simply avoiding competition with Amazon, the company indicated that the move was more than just a matter of finding a way to avoid it.

What Pricing Strategy Does Jcpenney Use?

Pricing is fair and square. In an effort to cut back on sales, JCPenney offered customers a flat rate that they deemed to be the “best price” for the item instead of offering discounts. Due to the fair price JCPenney offered their merchandise, this was based on the customer’s trust.

What Is Fair And Square Pricing?

JCPenney’s makeover was based on Johnson’s “Fair and Square” pricing strategy. By offering customers an everyday low price (known as “EDLP” in the retail industry) and eliminating sales events and coupons, the pricing strategy was aimed at eliminating deep discounting.

Why Was This Strategy A Disaster For Jcpenney?

In the new pricing system, the discounting technique to attract customers was eliminated, and the customer-value pricing approach was designed to reduce the price of goods rather than offering discounts. Customers of the stores lost their image of the store. Due to this, sales declined as a result of the strategy failure.

What Is Jcpenney Business Model?

Through its network of retail outlets and online e-commerce platform, JC Penney generates revenue from the sale of various consumer goods items. A large portion of the Company’s revenue is derived from sales fees.

Who Are Jcpenney Main Competitors?

Burlington Stores, Macy’s, Target, and Kohl’s are Penney’s top competitors. Department stores like Penney are part of the Penney chain.

What Are Jcpenney’s Weaknesses?



1. Expansion into the appliance segment with Home Refresh 2. Unparalleled omnichannel experience

1. Competition from e-retailers like Amazon and lack of well-defined presence in the online space 2. Imposition of import tax under Trump administration

Why Is Jcp Failing?

After 118 years of business, Covid-19 broke the company’s back. J. Crew has been in business for more than a century. As part of its bankruptcy filing, Penney is seeking protection. Before the event, it paid out millions of dollars to top executives. There were thousands of job losses.

Is Jcpenney Dead?

JCPenney, one of America’s largest department stores, has risen and fallen over the past 118 years. There are more than 800 JCPenney stores in the United States, making it one of the largest department stores in the country. JCPenney filed for bankruptcy on May 15, 2020, after nearly 120 years in business.

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