Can Advertising Exhort?

Can Advertising Exhort?

A warning or strong advice is an expression of contempt for someone who does not take action. A person can be exhorted to take great care when climbing a mountain by example.

What Does Exhort Mean *?

In the dictionary, exhort is defined as to urge or persuade earnestly; to advise strongly.

What Does Exhort Mean In A Sentence?

Inciting by argument or advice : urging voters to do the right thing by strongly encouraging them. The verb intransitive is used to describe something. The act of giving warnings or advice. The following words are from exhort Synonyms: Learn more about exhort by reading more examples sentences.

What Is The Synonym Of Exhort?

Encourage, encourage, call on, enjoin, adjure, charge, try to persuade, press, pressure, put pressure on, use pressure on, pressurize, lean on, push. Goad, egg on, spur, incite, spur, incite, goad. The act of bidding, appealing, entreating, or beseeching. A counsel, a warning, or an advise.

What Is A Good Sentence For Exhort?

The following are examples of exhorting in a sentence: He exhorted his people to take back their land. She exhorted her listeners to support the proposition as well.

Is Exhort A Positive Word?

It is important not to confuse exhort with extort, a word that is similar in spelling but means “to force someone to do or give something illegal or unethically.”. In contrast, exhort is typically used to imply that persuasion is not so good, while extort is typically used to imply that it is not so good.

How Do You Exhort?

You must appeal to the reader’s needs and desires in order to create a strong exhortation. It is important to support facts, especially if they relate to the reader’s emotions. Make sure you understand your audience. In order to write effectively, you need to know who is reading your piece.

How Do You Use Exhortation In A Sentence?

  • The Society seemed to sink into every heart as I spoke of it.
  • One of the Masons read an exhortation on humility from his seat among the other Masons.
  • What Does Exhortatory Mean?

    Here are definitions of exhortatory. Strong encouragement is an adjective. The word exhortative is also used as a synonym for hortative, hortatory, and encouraging. Courageous or confident, or hope.

    What Is The Meaning Of Used To *?

    The definition of used to (Entry 2 of 2) 1 is used to describe a situation that existed in the past but does not exist now My grandmother said winters used to be more difficult here than they are now. -used to describe something that happened repeatedly in the past but has not happened now We used to go out more often.

    What Is The Dictionary Definition Of Exhort?

    verb. A strong recommendation is to urge or persuade someone earnestly.

    Are Exhort And Disparage Antonyms?











    What Is The Synonym Of Imponderable?

    The synonyms and near synonyms of imponderable words. Unintelligible, unsearchable, incomprehensible.

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