The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Business Online

The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Business Online

Something that you may have noticed in the last few years is the lack of shops on your local high street. It feels as though there are more boarded-up windows than actual shops and a lot of the malls that we all loved to go to are losing their life.

The lack of shops may be making you sad, as this must mean that the businesses that you know and love have failed, but this is not the case at all. Many of the businesses that have disappeared from their stores have actually moved online. Something that you may have noticed is that a lot of people do the majority of their shopping online and if you are a business owner, then this may be tempting you to move your own business online.

Closing down shop is a big step and before you do it, you will probably want to weigh up your options. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of moving your business online.


One of the main reasons that people are choosing to move their business online is due to the cost. Running a store can be extremely expensive and paying for basic things, like utility bills, can really eat into any of the profits that you may make.

When you move online, you only really need to cover the cost of running your website and shipping your products. In comparison to what you would spend when running an actual facility, you are saving a substantial amount of money. This money can be reinvested into your business or used for your own personal spending habits.

Con- Work

When you own a store, all you need to do is stock your shelves and man your till. When you start an online store, you make a lot more work for yourself. This is because you add the shipping element to your workload. Shipping adds the jobs of packaging all of your products and shipping them off to your customer. You also need to deal with any returns or items that didn’t make it to your customer, which can cause you a lot of stress.

You also need to remember that you need to run your website and any social media pages that you may be using, which can take up a lot of your time and if you were to employ someone to do that for you, you would be spending much more money.

Pro- The Use of Social Media

If you are moving your business online, it is likely that you will be setting up several social media accounts to communicate with your customers and speak to other brands. Social media is a great way to receive feedback from your customers, as well as being a great way to advertise the products that you will be selling.

There are also a lot of social media features that you can use to advertise your product and really get your branding out there. If you really want to provide something for your fans that will remind them of your business and publish your branding, you can make an Instagram Story Hintergrund that they can use and put on their own pages, which may make other people curious about your brand.

Con- No Customer Interaction

If you are someone that loves going to work and communicating with your customers daily, then moving online may not be for you. Though you can still talk over the internet, it is not quite the same as having a personal conversation with someone that likes your products.

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