How Has SEO Changed in 2021

How Has SEO Changed in 2021

Search engine optimization has come a long way over the past few years. Just as with most forms of technology it has rapidly gotten more and more complex as each year moves on. In its early days, ranking high in search engines was like the wild west.

You could use any crazy tactic in the book to boost your page no matter how unusable it would make your website. But as the years went on, subtlety became the aim of the game. Companies around the world have made their entire business based on manipulating the SEO systems to improve search results for their clients.

This SEO agency Perth provides great results for a lot of Australian based small businesses and beyond. It wasn’t as easy as repeating the same term over and over again now the techniques are much more cloak and dagger. Let’s run through a few big changes over the past year that have pushed SEO forward.

What is the Google Page Experience Update?

As always, google is aiming to provide their users with the highest quality links possible at all times and the most recent update will make a substantial change to that going forward. Google are going to be basing their website rankings based more on what is internally knowns as Core web vitals.

This refers to basically how accessible a page is, stuff like speed and ease of use will be key to ranking higher in the search engine going forward. To adapt to this, it’s going to be necessary that you improve the flow of your page. Make sure it is easy to look at and use as well as improving website speed and hopefully the change shouldn’t provide much of an issue.

How is voice search going to affect SEO?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone indoors, there was actually a massive increase in customers using voice search through technology such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

This has meant that there has been a considerable switch to much shorted and less articulate searches online. It’s important to make sure that going forward you keep voice search in mind. Make sure that you are providing short answers within your content in order to match the shorter questions being posed.

What are Zero-Click searches?

Arguably the biggest SEO related obstacle to overcome is the advent of Zero-Click searches means that more and more people are getting the answers to their questions without having to even click through to a website.

This is especially true for local businesses, so make sure that if you are a looking for boosts in local searches that your answers have to be quick and concise in order to fit into those zero click boxes that google promotes. Click through isn’t a completely dead format by any means, but it could be useful to try and adapt to the new format in order it increase your SEO success going forward.

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