5 Ways that Loan Companies in Norway Market their Products

5 Ways that Loan Companies in Norway Market their Products

The global economy is finally starting to pick back up after a couple years of insecurity and doubt amongst those of all walks of life. With citizens being allowed and encouraged to leave the house and start getting their lives back on track, many nations are also starting to look at getting themselves back in business.

Governments around the world are bringing in schemes and campaigns to help raise awareness of the economy as a whole and to generally promote the idea of consumer spending – the lifeforce behind any economy. Here is how lenders are promoting themselves in Norway to take advantage of the resurging economy!

  • Marketing Through Content

A huge part of marketing is making sure you build a successful brand. To this end, many loan companies will make sure they fill their websites and customer-facing storefronts with helpful information and articles. This helps to educate potential customers and lets them know what services are available to them in a friendly way which helps to build trust.

Market research data has shown that 70% of online users prefer to have this sort of information fed to them through online content instead of standard advertisements, as it helps to make the entire process seem more personal and a lot less like a faceless corporation trying to get their hands on your money.

  • Listening to Customers

While this is a tagline on pretty much every service advertisement you have ever seen, this is a big focus for any company looking to lend money for a profit. Due to the amount of trust needed in such an industry, it is extremely important that there is some sort of back and forth between customer and lender.

The most visible form of this is through responses to online reviews – both negative and positive. This helps to give anyone scouring the web for a loan a better sense of security if they know that the company is actively responding to feedback and can get their name out to the country.

  • Traditional Advertisement

Even in the modern, internet-focused world, traditional advertisements are still very popular amongst Norwegian lending companies, and you can see this online, in newspapers and even on banners around your local town.

This is a great example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” as this gives a great amount of visibility to any brand, and keeps these companies in the public’s mind when they are looking for forbrukslån på dagen.

  • E-Mail Marketing

Marketing over e-mail has a negative connotation associated with it these days, but this doesn’t stop it being one of the most effective ways to get a product out into the world.

Companies are spending billions of Euros on marketing through people’s inboxes every year to battle for people’s fickle attention spans and it is getting considerable returns. Even while the public is cutting down on personal email usage, expect this style of marketing to be around for a while yet.

  • Social Media

All types of companies all over the world are spending huge amounts of money on maintaining a great public social media presence. Here in Norway we love our social culture that has helped the nation grow over the centuries, making this marketing tactic especially effective here.

Any loan company with a strong enough brand and an experienced social media team can gain thousands of sales through consistent engagement and updated being posted through official channels.

We are perhaps a long way from loan companies building up the personality and meme-worthy presence of American firms like Wendy’s, but the ease of access to a company’s social media goes a long way nevertheless.

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