Comprehending The Pros And Cons Of The Tech World

What is technology? What is development? And what happens when a person combines these two. Technology and development may seem like similar things for a common person, and in reality, they are interlinked. Whenever there’s some advancement in technology, people are benefited from it, and thus development happens. By definition, technology is a skill, a technique, or a way to complete a task given to anybody. The world in which we live right now has developed so much technology that now even remote medical procedures are being done on live people. Medical procedures are just one end of a spectrum. There is a whole variety of fields in which humans have been able to accomplish what was deemed impossible. There is also a very good possibility that by the end of 2050, humans would be able to travel intergalactically and would be able to settle on different planets.

The importance of tech news:

So much is happening around the world that it may seem impossible to catch up to the current day. Every day new things are invented, and a thing which was top of the class just two or three months ago is now being left out because it has become outdated now. one can apply this same thing to humans also. If a person wants to become technologically advanced and wants to become successful in his or her life, he or she needs to stay informed about all the latest development that happened in the tech field. One should read all the newspapers and the tech magazines available to him or her in their locality, even if there is no provision that any person can go to the internet and read all the important updates that happened in the tech field. This is important because a person may not know what will help him or her in the future. And for that reason, some of the latest development that happened in the tech field just a few days back are summarised here:

Telegram to become the most downloaded app in January

In some serious development in social media platforms, telegram, a message based social media platform, became the most downloaded app globally in January. In contrast, WhatsApp, the biggest social media platform globally, slides down several positions but still maintained to be in the top 5 most downloaded app in the last month. One can say that this development was partially or directly linked to the policy changes that WhatsApp recently introduced. WhatsApp, which was a company that never sold its client’s information to any third-party companies, will now be able to sell this information to third parties after implementing those policies. Due to this, the share market also saw a very peculiar turn of events in which WhatsApp share drop down drastically.

PS5 – a gaming experience like never before

One of the only good things that happened last year was launching a new Playstation console known as the ps5.

After the great success of its last gaming console, the PS4 Sony was very reluctant to build a new one as they wanted to break the benchmark they had created earlier. And they did exactly what they wanted by launching a ps5. The hype that one created behind it was worth it as the new gaming console is future-looking and state-of-the-art. Some gaming experts are also saying that this console is the best gaming console ever built in this generation. Weighing around 4.5 kilos, ps5 is capable of running any game that is there currently in this world right now. With good television, anyone can have the best time of the life while playing through ps5. one can go to their site and buy a ps5 from there depending on its availability in a particular country. Sonia started to launch its new gaming console in various other countries like India, Brazil, and many more. It is expected that Sony’s stock price will only go up as they launched their new gaming console to various other parts of the world.

Google app new features

In some recent development, new features have been added to the Google app installed in many of the phones that have Google apps in their phones right now. This feature will be added to the Google fit app and pre-installed in Google’s flagship Pixel phones. Experts have said that through these new features, Google will now measure heartbeats and other vital health-related data through their apps. They will use the smartphone’s camera and a new technical technique known as the optical flow to measure the respiratory breathing and other physical aspects of a human body. With this, Google aims to help those people who have heart problems or breathing problems. Because of these new features, Google will be able to track the vitals of a human body from moment to moment and will also be able to predict if anything goes wrong in the future. This is still in the development phase, and nobody can expect these features to come out soon.

The world of investment:

Everybody knows that the field of tech is always developing and hence it is common to see fresh and new investment going on here around the world. With some recent development, the Intel corporation has invested about 475 million US dollars in its new plant in Vietnam. They want to boost the production of their 5G chips that are being made there in their plant in Vietnam. after this firm action by the Intel Corporation, the total investment in Vietnam and its tech sector by the intel group has now crossed the 1.5 billion US dollar mark. The future of Vietnam is looking good as many companies are leaving China and finding a place in Vietnam.


So, in a nutshell, it is very important to stay up to date regarding new tech if a person wants to achieve success in life. Keep learning more about it and avail your favorite service.

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